Frequently asked questions

Refund process and the future of the project:

Will all the HION tokens be refunded in ETH?
  • Yes, all the HION tokens will be refunded in ETH.
What if the HION tokens were transferred to another wallet? Will the refund go to the wallet that 1st got the HION tokens or the wallet that currently holds the HION tokens?
  • The refund will go to the wallet that has the HION tokens.
When will I get the refund?
  • The refunds will start on 03.04.2018 and all the HION tokens will be refunded by 10.04.2018.
What will happen to the HION tokens after the refund?
  • All the HION tokens will be burned during the refund.
What is going to happen to the Handelion project next?
  • We continue to build our product, strategies and make preparations to scale up under a new brand. After our product is launched and plans set, we will start our c-level funding stage.
Are you going to distribute tokens for the next funding stage?
  • After we have finished working with Venture Funds we will consider doing an ICO.
Should I stay subscribed to the Handelion news?
  • Yes, this way you will receive the latest updates on the development of our future projects.

Acquiring HION:

What are HION tokens?
  • HION token is a pre-mined, burnable and refundable ERC20 token. It is the proof of an exchange act for participation in Handelion development, that provides rights to receive ecosystem generated HAND tokens.
What is the correlation between HDLT and HION?
  • HDLT is an old version of the Handelion token that was used for the Handelion pre-ICO. When Handelion started the main stage of Handelion ICO, all the HDLT token holders received 1.6 HION for each HDLT token that they had in their wallets.
How to get HION tokens using Bitcoin(BTC), Bitcoin cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC) and Ripple (XRP)?
  • Register on our website.
  • Follow the instructions.
    • To receive HION tokens, go to “Your HION Wallet” tab and input your ERC20 compliant wallet address. Press create HION wallet button.
      • If you do not have an ERC20 wallet create one on or and download their wallet.
      • Important: do not use an exchange wallet or a wallet that is not ERC20 compliant. Those wallets do not support token transfers and you will not be able to receive HION tokens.
    • Go to the “Get HION“ tab and select the crypto currency you wish to swap with HION tokens. Click next to go to the next step.
    • Send the necessary crypto-currency amount to the displayed Handelion wallet address. Enter your sending wallet address and the transaction ID. Our system will check the transaction id and allow the token transfer. The transaction can take up to 48 hours.
  • To see HION tokens in your ERC20 compliant wallet, make sure to add custom token. Enter the HION token address – 0xA089273724e07644da9739A708E544800D925115. Name the token as HION. Enter 18 decimals.
  • You can check HION token balance in “Your HION Wallet” section.
How to get HION tokens using ETH?
  • Register on our website
    • HION swaps with ETH are automated. In order to swap ETH to HION, send the necessary amount of ETH to 0x192eB1a97AEE2B87c924dc2b8D8EB914DCb5f87F smart contract address. HION tokens will be sent to your wallet automatically as soon as the transaction is processed in the blockchain.
      • Important: make sure you have enough funds to cover the transaction fee (or Gas). In order for this transaction to go through make sure to use sufficient amount of Gas.
      • Do not use the exchange wallet or a wallet that is not ERC20 compliant. Those wallets do not support token transfers and you will not be able to receive HION tokens.
How to create an Ethereum wallet?
  • The easiest way is to go to and download their wallet or and follow the instructions.
Does the Handelion ICO accept crypto currencies other than Ethereum?
  • Yes, besides ETH you can exchange Bitcoin(BTC), Bitcoin cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC) and Ripple (XRP).
Are there network fees when transferring HION Tokens?
  • There are always network fees for transactions in crypto currencies as the transaction are submitted by mining pools.

ICO conditions:

Are there any bonuses for participating in the ICO?
  • The tokens are sold in tiers:
    • Tier 1: (2’081’338) 20% Bonus
    • Tier 2: (2’750’000) 15% Bonus
    • Tier 3: (5’000’000) 10% Bonus
    • Tier 4: (5’000’000) 5% Bonus
    • Tier 5: (8’353’750) No bonus
What are the exchange rates for different crypto-currencies and different tiers?



































What is the Hard and Soft cap for the ICO?
  • Soft cap: 5,000,000 Tokens or 10,665.761 ETH
  • Hard cap: 29,750,000 Tokens or 54,818.534 ETH.
Is there a minimum amount HION tokens you can get?
  • The minimum swap is set to 1 HION.
Are HION Tokens transferable?
  • HION is an ERC20 token and is transferable. Besides, HION will be listed on exchanges.
What is the total Handelion token supply?
  • The total supply of HION tokens is set to 29’750’000.
Where can the Handelion ICO contract source code be found?
Does Handelion have a bounty program?
  • Due to a number of factors like the unsatisfactory quality of participants and poor results the Bounty program was terminated. The funds allocated to the Bounty program will go to the Handelion marketing budget.


How often the part of fees will be released to HION holders?
  • Part of the fees will be released to token holders immediately upon the smart–contract driven transaction confirmation.
How are the token-holders going to be paid?
  • HION holders’ commissions will be paid out in HANDs coins, circulating within the system.
  • Few examples:
    • Commissions for use of capital will be paid out according to ‘a smart-contract’ upon closure of funded deal.
      • E.g. a deal is being backed by 100’000 HANDs. Investors’ accrued commission for 3 months use of capital is 2%. Immediately upon closure of deal investors get their 100’000 HANDs plus 2’000 additional HANDs.
    • Handelion will generate system commissions. A part of these commissions will be paid out according to a proportion of HIONs held.
      • E.g. Handelion has generated shareable commissions at the amount of 10’000 HANDs. An investor holds 7,63% of total HIONs supplied. Therefore, the investor receives 7,63%*10’000 HANDS, or 763 additional HANDs immediately after a deal closure.
Once I get commissions in HAND coins, how do I withdraw the commissions? Will it be the convertible coin?
  • HAND coins will be in free circulation like any other crypto currency. Our goal is to support payments in HAND. Those payments can vary from enterprise balance sheets to salary payments and more.

Handelion Ecosystem concept:

What is Handelion?
  • Handelion is an open blockchain ecosystem for co-funded trade. Smart cooperation algorithms enclosed in digital contract functionality allow any business to benefit from it.
Who will create Handelion?
  • To build the Handelion, resources, World renown advisers and outsource resources will be involved.
What does Handelion stand for?
  • Handelion focus is to grant every entrepreneur in the world – a wholesale trader, a manufacturer or an investor – a possibility to grow their business. Any entrepreneur at one point can find himself in need of financing, every manufacturer needs a timely payment and every investor needs a return on his investment, and Handelion ise here to make sure everything works. Speed, reliability, transparency and equal opportunities for trading parties and fund holders are the main values for Handelion. It will be a win-win solution for the participants of international trade. These values will be embodied within the blockchain technology allowing the Handelion participants to growth their turnover and increase the efficiency of infrastructure usage.
Why is the Handelion ecosystem going to work?
  • There is a market niche estimated at 1.6 billion USD for funding trade deals for SME where:
    • The speed of the investor’s decision-making depends on the trust to the project participants.
    • It is difficult for a buyer to prove that he is trustworthy in a quick way.
    • The speed of production and shipment by the seller (producer of the goods) depends on the speed of payment from the buyer.
  • These and the associated challenges will be shifted to a distributed ledger environment and facilitated by smart-contracts through the development of Handelion:
    • business model and resources underlie the Handelion ecosystem development.
    • partners, clients and investors are ready to be the first users of the ecosystem.
    • Handelion is being supported by World renown advisers, best outsource services and crypto-society.
Is the Handelion some kind of a marketplace for international trade but only for the financial ecosystem?
  • Handelion will start as a financial ecosystem, but later on it will become a combination of a financial ecosystem and a marketplace.
Is Handelion something like a marketplace, only on a massive scale?

Yes. By enabling interactions between buyers and sellers, supported by investors and accompanying services, Handelion is creating a multi-billion market for products and services, focusing on the needs of SME following by big corporations.

Business model:

What are the main problems that can be solved with Handelion?
  • With Handelion we are solving these 4 main problems.
    1. SME lack of access to funds;
    2. SME inability to provide collateral;
    3. Lack of trust among trading parties and fund holders;
    4. Alternative investments seem risky.
  • Handelion will put relations between Investors, Buyers, Sellers, Logistics companies, Insurance companies and other accompanying services into blockchain environment applying multi signature smart contracts. That will create a new multi-billion market for goods and services, based on our core values: transparency, reliability, rapidity and equal opportunities. Check our White Paper and learn more.
Does the Handelion project deal with any type of goods?
  • About any kind of goods regardless of the direction. The ecosystem will be the place where participants (described in the Whitepaper) will meet each other and choose whom to interact with, relying on the ratings based in the history stored in the blockchain.
Can Handelion be used by a B2C model?
  • For now, the focus is on B2B model. As is giving us a number of parties ready to participate: buyers, sellers, expediters, investors, warehouses etc. In the future smart-contract algorithms will be adapted also for a B2C model. But this will be another long story.
Is Handelion software going to be open source?
  • The software code is going to be available to Handelion partners and investors during the development stage. After which Handelion plans to make the code public.
Are you planning to include KYC process?
  • The system itself does not collect any personal data. KYC procedures will be carried out on the exchange in a moment, when the HION token holders or direct investors will withdraw their funds.
Does Handelion offer an active income?
  • The Handelion offer an active income to participants which offer their products and services within the ecosystem.

Project Development:

Where is the Handelion development roadmap?
Is the Handelion ecosystem planning to spread across the world?
  • After the successful ICO and deployment of the ecosystem in 2018, Handelion are going to promote it in 29 top importing countries around the world.
Are there any major partners who are interested in the Handelion project?
  • This project is based on our working business. The clients and partners of are eager to be the first use the Handelion system.
Are manufacturers interested in Handelion?
  • Manufacturers are interested, as Handelion is the ecosystem that facilitates their relations with the buyers.

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